Monday, January 3, 2011

Saba Bank protected status acknowledged by Dutch

For those interested in the Caribbean's Sea newest marine protected area, Saba Bank, here's news from The Hague in a clipping sent by Dutch colleagues.

The article is further evidence that scientific research published in the Biodiversity of Saba Bank collection is resonating with policy makers in Europe. The key term is 'unprecedentedly rich'. Habitat heterogeneity and high species richness and were the main messages from the collection published in the open-access online scientific journal PLoS One. More than 100 full color plates of fishes and other marine species as well as maps and articles are freely downloadable at the collection's website. The YouTube video of anchor damage on Saba Bank probably didn't hurt the cause, either...

Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance website provides more details on the protected area measures in a post submitted by Paul Hoetjes in October 2010.

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