Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gifts and Gadgets for Christmas

Jingle bells, my friends. Aquanautix looooves gifts and gadgets, and constantly dabbles in technology, so here are a few recommendations to help you shop for good stuff this Christmas season. Nearly all of the recommendations were purchased and used this year, but some are recommended because they are just too cool to pass up. Happy holiday shopping, and Merry Christmas!

Inexpensive Gifts:

1. Flowers - coral-like Amaryllis grow pot from Smith and Hawken, $7
2. Snowglobes - try Tuesday Morning store if you have one nearby - $15
3. Graphic novels - All-Star Superman, All-Star Batman + Robin, The Ultimates - $15 - 25
4. Books - "The Death and Life of Monterey Bay" by Steve Palumbi and Carolyn Sotka - $20
5. Socks - any kind, clean, cozy, private, last a long time - $10 to $40
6. Hurricane preparedness - Hand-crank flashlight/AM/FM/NOAA radio - $30 - 35

Expensive Gifts:

1. Underwater HD video camera - Kodak Playsport - $150

The camera is so easy to operate, edits nicely, and takes beautiful images. The still frames are just fantastic. For video, be sure the press the anti-shake button, because the camera is SO small its hard to operate. Depth rated to 10 feet.

2. Wireless radio - Squeezebox Logitech Radio with color screen (red) - $230

This was a lifestyle upgrade in our home. Squeezebox is wireless radio with exceptional sound quality. Online music fills the room. Squeezebox brings you the ease of radio with the style, simplicity, and custom feel of Pandora and ITunes. Listen to all your own stations, and any others broadcasting online. Highly recommended. Purchased from Amazon.

3. Plane ticket to Roatan, Honduras - ~$300

We all need a vacation, but getting to where you can relax shouldn't be a hardship. Continental flights from Houston to Roatan get you to the tropics within 2 hours, so you can be underwater scuba diving on lush coral reefs by lunchtime. If you looking for big adventure, and you're willing to splurge, try a deep-sea dive in Karl Stanley's Idabel submersible. You'll be amazed!

More gift ideas are welcome. Please share your recommendations in the comment section.


  1. Oh, I thought this was a list of things that you wanted us to buy for YOU this Christmas.

  2. Got 'em already, couldn't wait for Christmas! lol

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