Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the Aquanautix Blog. Someday when this blog grows up it wants to be a shiny new electric magazine about ocean science and technology. But for now, and years to come, it will be a dog-eared digital ocean adventure log, a coffee-stained composition book with postcards taped-up inside and scribbled over.

Aquanautix has been around a while, even here on the intertubes, but the attempt is made here to reinvent the Aquanautix Concept fresh and new. Its a reflection of a new reality. Aquanautix was a consulting company, then Aquanautix had kids, went back to graduate school for letters, and got a day job with the Man. Now Aquanautix is online pirate radio broadcasting after-hours from a sea-level garage in Charleston, SC. Its another node in the big digital network of ocean minded people seeking a more sustainable ocean future.

Someday, this blog aspires to be a writer's outlet full of meaningful stuff written by people who work hard to make a positive difference all the time. If you are that people, please send it on! I'll put it up. Until then, enjoy this big adventure. Next week we go deep-sea diving in Roatan, Honduras! Hope you can dive along, and share the wonderment.

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